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Hacks to get more out of your camp kitchen gear

Hacks to get more out of your camp kitchen gear

We love our camp kitchen gear - these pots, plates, cups, mugs, cutlery and bowls are great for camping - especially when you are low on space or want to save weight.

But do you know how to get more from your Sea to Summit cook and dinnerware? Take a look at these hacks, hints and tips - perfect for your next camp meal.

In this blog we will take you through some 'hacks' to get the most out of your camping gear and hopefully save you some room in your pack or van.

Use your X-Bowl or Plate as a chopping board

Did you know our X-Bowl, X-Bowl XL and X-Plate can be used as a chopping board?

The rigid base made of high temperature, food grade nylon of your X-Bowl or Plate are cut resistant. No need to pack a separate bulky chopping board, just flip them over and chop away!

You should always chop on the base of the bowl or plate to avoid damaging the silicone side walls!

They are perfect for preparing your veggies or slicing cheese and you can then store your prepared food in the X-bowl while you cook.

Pour with your X-Bowl

Don't have a jug to pour your liquids? No worries! Your X-Bowl can turn into a makeshift jug - simply pinch the flexible silicone walls of the X-bowl and voila a perfect spout for pouring.

Add a spork for a perfect strainer

As we mentioned above - your X-Bowl is easily transformed into a jug for pouring - but with the handy addition of a Delta Spork you have a strainer, great for draining pasta.

Form a ‘spout’ with one side of the bowl and squeeze a Spork into the spout. You can now strain the liquid through the spork – so, no more soggy noodles and no more rice-all-over-the-ground.

Use your X-Cup or Mug as a measuring cup

Your X-Cup and X-Mug are calibrated as a measuring cup - with measurements on the inside of your cup or mug you will never have to guess how much 325ml is again!

With measurements in cups and millilitres you can accurately measure anything you need to whip up some amazing camp meals.

Keep your food warm

If you are using one pot or stove to cook your meals you may find you need to keep one element of your meal warm while you cook the other. (Keeping your sauce warm while you cook your pasta for instance.)

At camp this can be difficult - but not impossible!

Pour boiling water into a large bowl or plate (don't worry the melting point of the moulded material is well above the temperature of boiling water) and sit a smaller bowl on top of this.

Pop the food you want to keep warm in the second bowl on top and cover this. The Delta Bowl with Lid is perfect for this.

This will help to keep your food warm while you are cooking the other elements of your meal!

Now you've learnt some 'hacks' its time to get cooking - if you need some inspiration for camp meals, then check out our recipe hub!

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