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Sleeping Bag Liners

A sleeping bag liner is your next-to-skin layer. Whether you're looking for a cotton, silk, or fleece liner, this essential layer can wick moisture, add warmth, and keep your sleeping bag clean..
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Reactor LinerReactor Compact Plus LinerReactor Extreme LinerReactor Fleece Liner
$106.99 - 109.99
Added Warmth
Up to 14°F | 8°C
Up to 20°F | 11°C
Up to 25°F | 14°C
Up to 32ºF | 18ºC
Weight8.7 oz | 248 g9.3 oz | 263 gFrom 14 oz | 399 g13.4 oz | 379 g
Length6 ft 10 in | 208 cm6 ft | 183 cmFrom 6 ft 10 in | 210 cm 6 ft 6 in | 200 cm
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Use one of our award-winning sleeping bag liners to boost warmth, wick sweat or simply keep your sleeping bag cleaner for longer. A sleeping liner can significantly raise your hygiene standards on longer trips—and stop dirt and grime from getting into the insulation of your sleeping bag and causing havoc.

Hate washing your down bag or synthetic sleeping bag? Use a sleeping bag liner to get more time in between washes. Sleeping liners like our bestselling THERMOLITE Reactor Extreme are designed to add warmth to your sleep system in colder conditions. They’re a great way to extend the EN temperature range of your sleeping bag.

Comfort is key when choosing a sleeping bag liner to complete your sleep system. Our sleeping bag liners come in a range of soft fabrics to suit everyone—from silk and cotton sleeping bag liners, to fleece and stretch-knit. They also come in a range of shapes, lengths, and sizes to suit every kind of camping trip or overseas holiday. Choose a mummy shaped liner to save weight on lightweight hikes or opt for a double silk travel liner for dodgy hostel beds. Whatever helps you sleep soundly.

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