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15 Camping Hacks You’ll Actually Use

15 Camping Hacks You’ll Actually Use

Whether you’re a first time adventurer or a veteran camper, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of camping hacks that will level up your outdoor experience and take the hassle out of setting up your pitch.

See our top 15 hacks below - and don’t forget to check out our camping essentials checklist before heading out on your trip to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Comfort camping hacks

Keep your clothes warm

There’s nothing worse than waking up, unzipping your sleeping bag and putting on fresh clothes that are cold or damp from the night before. Try storing the clothes you’re planning to wear the next day in the sleeping bag with you to keep them warm for the morning.

Camping hack 1

Dry out your shoes overnight

Even if you have top quality, weatherproof footwear, sometimes water can still find its way inside. If the inside of your shoes get soaked, remove the insole and fill them with a dry towel or tissue paper overnight. This will help dry them out quicker.

Invest in a camping pillow

Just because you’re sleeping in the great outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t bring the comforts of home with you. A good quality camping pillow will help you get a better night’s sleep than you thought possible while camping.

Camping hack 2

Save your breath with a pump sack

The Sea to Summit Air Stream Pump Sack allows you to pump up inflatable camping accessories quickly and easily without going blue in the face. The special design requires minimal blowing effort and means that you won’t need to take an electric pump on your camping trip. Using a pump sack can also help prolong the lifespan of your camping mat.

Camping hack 3

Useful camping hacks

Put a cork on your keys

The last thing you want is to lose your keys when you’re out on the trail. If you’re planning any water sports or boat trips, sticking a cork or two onto your keys will make them float so you can easily spot them.

Protect your electronics

It’s important to keep your mobiles phones, tablets, GPS devices and any other electronics protected when you’re camping. Using protective, waterproof travel pouches is a great way to keep your gadgets protected from the elements.

Campung hack 4

Homemade lantern

If you’ve forgotten your lantern or you’re trying to keep to a tight budget, you can use your head torch or mobile phone torch to create your own. Fill a clear bottle with water and place your phone underneath or strap your head torch around facing inwards to create a lantern for your tent.

Camping hack 4

Waterproof your pack

Having an extra layer of protection over your backpack is always a good idea, especially if you’re caught out in heavy rain. Waterproof pack covers are a must-have camping accessory for making sure your belongings stay dry. For added protection, you can also use pack liners and dry sacks.

Camping hack 5

Portable clothes line

If you don’t already have a portable clothes line in your pack, it’s time to invest in one. It can be easily attached to trees or posts and allows you to hang your wet clothes or pots and pan to dry whilst saving space in your pack.

Camping food hacks

Use tic-tac boxes as spice pots

There’s no reason you can’t cook like you’re at home just because you’re out on the trail. If you’re planning some flavour-filled recipes for your next camping trip, use empty tic-tac boxes to store your favourite spices without taking up too much space.

Camping hack 6

Use a portable coffee filter

If you’re a coffee lover, don’t settle for instant coffee when you’re out camping. A collapsible coffee filter is the perfect camping accessory for getting a great cup of coffee without taking up too much space in your pack. To save even more space, be sure to pre-grind your beans before heading out.

Camping hack 7

Pre-made pancake mix

Making pancakes normally involves a lot of messy ingredients that would take up valuable pack space but there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy them when you’re out camping. Just mix up your batter at home before you set out and store it in a bottle or storage container ready to pour into your camping frying pan (we'd recommend the Alpha Pan if you're still in need of a good frying pan).

Keep your cutlery together

When you’re out on the trail, it can be easy to lose smaller objects in the bottom of your pack so using a carabiner to keep them looped together will make sure they’re easy to access. The Sea to Summit AlphaLight cutlery set is an ideal option.

Don’t forget the kitchen sink

Keeping your pots and utensils clean is important, especially if you’re planning a longer camping trip. A portable kitchen sink lets you wash up after cooking so you can keep everything clean and free from bacteria.

Bonus tip: The kitchen sink also works perfectly as an ice bucket for beers and drinks.

Keep the ants away

Nothing ruins a campsite lunch more than ants crawling all over your food. Place small plastic plates beneath the legs of your table or dig small divots and fill them with water to stop ants and other bugs being able to crawl up.

The perfect camping experience...

Hopefully these helpful hacks and top tips will make your future camping adventures a little easier and even more enjoyable.

For ultimate comfort and top-quality camping equipment, browse the Sea to Summit collection which includes premium lightweight tents, sleeping bags, and a wide range of camp kitchen essentials, perfect for any camping trip.

Don’t forget to tag #seatosummituk in your social media posts when you’re out exploring so we can share your experience and see how your camping trip went.

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