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Almost Wild Spots in the UK

Almost Wild Spots in the UK

As a relatively small collection of islands the UK may seem far from wild - but there are still some spots in the UK which have remote wild beauty.

Check out some of our favourite almost wild spots in the UK.

Hole of Horcum

The Hole of Horcum is known as 'Yorkshire's Grand Canyon' if that isn't reason enough to visit alone!

Found in the North York moors, the Hole of Horcum is a 400m deep, mile wide canyon which is steeped in local myth.

Legend says Wade the Giant scooped out a clump of earth to throw at his wife during an argument - while others say it was eroded over thousands of years. Giant domestic or geology - either way this is an impressive hole!

Location: North Yorkshire Moors

Reason to visit: Epic views and natural and man made history

Highland Cattle at the Hole of Horcum

Handa Island

Hand Island is a remote island off the North West coast of Scotland - easily accessible from the NC500.

While it has no permanent human residents the island is home to fulmars, kittiwakes, guillemots and 200 pairs of puffins. Plus dolphins, minke whales, pilot whales, porpoises, basking sharks and orcas are spotted off the coast.

The island can be accessed by ferry or even by kayak! Aside from the amazing wildlife the island boasts pristine beaches and inland some spectacular moorland.

Location: Northwest Scotland

Reason to visit: Wild location & Wildlife

Kielder Water

Whilst the reservoir and forest are both man made, once you head beyond the car parks and visitor centres Kielder Water has some remote spots which feel wild.

Famed for it's dark skies thanks to the minimal light pollution and its protected status. You can marvel at the stars from your tent and explore the wild trails by day.

You can camp at the wild camping designated spots or hunker down at one of the 8 bothies.

Kielder Water is the largest man-made lake in Europe - so perfect for water sports enthusiasts too.

Location: Northumberland

Reason to visit: Almost wild camping under dark skies

Almost Wild Spots in the UK
Dark Skies at Kielder Water

Duck’s Pool, Dartmoor

Due to Dartmoor being the only place in England where you can legally wild camp (although rules have recently changed) it had to be on our list.

Duck's Pool is one of Dartmoor's most secluded and wild areas - so you can avoid the crowds and find some truly wild landscapes.

Often called the "Bermuda Triangle" this area of Dartmoor is often misty and hard to navigate - so unless you want to get lost (in a literal sense) you need good navigation skills and the right kit.

Location: Dartmoor, Devon

Reason to visit: Wild, remote landscapes to get lost in

The Rhinogs

If you are looking for some wild and remote walking, then The Rhinogs in Eryri (formally known by its English name Snowdonia) is a great choice.

While Eryri/Snowdonia may conjure images of tourists ticking off the tallest peak in Wales - there is a lot of wild and untouched terrain in the area,

The Rhinogs are home to rugged bony peaks, high tarns and glimpses of the Irish Sea from the tops - plus loads of bronze age sites such as Bryn Cader Faner, a spectacular stone circle thought to be a prince’s burial site.

Location: Eryri/Snowdonia, Wales

Reason to visit: Challenging walking in beautiful surrounds

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