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6 Street Food Inspired One Pot Camping Meals

6 Street Food Inspired One Pot Camping Meals

Travel the world while out on the trail with these street food-inspired recipes from across the globe. Whether you’re out on the trail, or at camp with limited camp cooking equipment, you can be fuelled for your adventures with these Sea to Summit tried and tested one-pot camping meals.

Packed full of flavour yet easy to prepare, these street-food-inspired savouries are ideal for those looking for straightforward and delicious dishes. We’ve handpicked our favourite recommendations, but check out our full camping recipes hub to see even more camping stove recipes that might take your fancy.

1. Pad Thai

This traditional Thai dish comes straight from the street food vendors of Bangkok and offers incredible flavours and textures. Better yet, only one pan is needed for this spicy and zesty one-pot camping meal.

Whatever your dietary requirements, this Pad Thai can be alternated to suit your meal plan, meat-eaters can add pork, while vegetarians can swap this out for a substitute like tofu, or leave it as a vegetable-only dish.

It’s not something you often see cooked in a camping pot but this simple recipe is sure to be a favourite at the campsite.

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2. One-Pot Fried Rice

Although you may feel limited in what you can cook on a small camp stove, there are a number of dishes that are simple to assemble yet packed with flavour.

One of our easiest one-pot meals for camping is Singapore Fried Rice. This authentic Asian-inspired dish brings the bold, fresh flavours of Singaporean cooking to the campsite.

This super simple recipe can be mixed up with different ingredients to suit your taste. You could even swap out some of the vegetables to add new flavours and textures.

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3. Mac and Cheese

Packing three different types of cheese, this classic dish is the king of one-pot meals. If you’re looking for something wholesome to warm yourself up after a day of hiking, this delicious recipe is easy to make and full of flavour.

Combining ingredients such as English mustard, garlic and pecorino cheese, this dish is a flavour haven and can be prepared easily while on the go or at camp.

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4. One-Pot Paella

A Spanish-inspired favourite, this one-pot Paella is the perfect summer camping recipe. One at a time, throw your ingredients into your camping frying pan and wait for the flavours to infuse, it doesn't get much easier or much tastier.

Feeding a few? This camp stove recipe can be expanded to cater for a larger group, simply increase the measurements of your ingredients,

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5. Mexican Elotes (Street Corn)

If you’re looking for quick, easy and delicious camping recipes, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. The traditional Mexican corn dish is perfect for lunch or as an evening snack around the campfire.

Acting as an appetiser, this camping one-pot meal incorporates traditional flavours you’d find in Mexico with the authentic smoky taste of a camp barbecue.

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6. Beef Tacos

This authentic dish is Mexican street food at its finest. The recipe is easy to make but will have you looking like a campsite master chef. This is a perfect dish for group camping trips as you can make big batches of the filling for everyone to fill their tacos.

As all of your taco fillings can be sauteed in one pot, these tacos are not only easy to make but they are just as enjoyable as if you were eating them from a street food vendor.

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Looking for more camp stove recipes?

Just because you’re limited on cooking equipment, it doesn’t mean you can’t produce delicious camp-friendly dishes. There is a wide selection of dishes you can cook in a camping pot, even when you’re only equipped small stove.

The best food to cook when camping is meals that will provide you with enough energy when you’re out exploring, but that are also easy to prepare when you have a reduced armoury of kitchen utensils.

From pasta and rice to meat or veg and sauces, there are plenty of dishes you can cook in a camping pot, from a whole host of ingredients. Looking to make something for dinner when camping? Our recent Camp Kitchen collaboration with inspirational camp stove cook and all-around outdoorsman, Harrison Ward, otherwise known as Fell Foodie, means we have an array of dishes to suit your camping stove needs.

Together, with Harrison’s expertise and our premium, space-saving range of camp kitchen equipment, we created 10 versatile camping recipes that bring fresh ingredients and bold flavours to outdoor cooking. Check them out on our camping recipes hub.

What food can you take camping without cooking?

Our essential camping food list details the best food to take camping from dry essentials to seasonings and more. But if you’re looking to enjoy some simple, ready-to-eat snacks here are some of the most quintessential camping snacks:


An ideal lunchtime food that doesn’t need to be cooked, which means less time and less mess. You can top or accompany them with different ingredients such as cheese, cream cheese, pickles, salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, and cucumber to create a variety of different mini-meals.

Tea and Coffee

The perfect beverages to accompany camp breakfast or to flask up and drink on the go, tea and coffee are absolute camping must-haves. Make sure you’ve got a suitable insulated mug to keep your coffee warm. Go one step above instant coffee by grinding your own coffee beans and filtering through a coffee dripper, for a barista-style beverage.


Packed with protein, jerky is great for giving you an energy boost whilst quickly satisfying hunger, you can find beef, chicken, and even vegetarian jerky options in most supermarkets.


Nuts are good sources of fats as well as calories – which you’ll be needing if you’re out hiking on your trip! You also don’t need many per portion. Pre-pack them at home into snack-sized portions and simply take them with you as you need.

Granola bars

Small but filling, granola bars can either be purchased in-store or pre-baked at home ahead of your trip. Granola bars are a great option to keep you satisfied until your next meal. Look for options containing plenty of nuts and seeds for an added boost of healthy fats and protein.

Creating the perfect camp kitchen…

Having the right camp cooking accessories will make sure you can cook your favourite meals whilst out in the wild. The Sea to Summit camp kitchen collection features high-quality camping pans, storage solutions and serving utensils. Browse the full collection and update your camp kitchen ahead of your next adventure

Don’t forget to tag #seatosummituk in your social media posts when you’re out exploring so we can share your experience and see how your camping trip went.

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