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How to Choose Gifts for an Adventurer

How to Choose Gifts for an Adventurer

Have you got an adventurer friend that you need to buy a gift for, but don’t know where to start? This adventure gift guide is for you.

Buying presents is tricky at the best of times—choosing gifts the outdoor enthusiast in your life will love can be downright intimidating.

We’ve done the hard work of researching what a [insert adventuring type here] would appreciate, and created four guides to get you started.

These gifts will make your adventuring buddies really believe in Santa this year!

Tip: if your friend is a hybrid of any of these adventurer types, simply mix and match the gear. Just keep in mind the priorities and considerations such as weight and packability vs comfort as we mention them below.


You can bet they want the lightest, most packable gear they can find. But – they also want equipment that performs. From camp kitchen to sleep systems to pack organization - think compressible, collapsible, water-resistant gear that is multi-use, too. Just like our picks listed below.


Vehicle assisted campers aren’t carrying gear on their backs so they’re a bit more relaxed about weight and space—at-home comfort and convenience are higher up their priority list! They’ll probably stay in one place for longer and enjoy a camp cookout around a fire. The following gear will go down well with anyone who enjoys outdoor living.


Bikepackers are just as gear obsessed as backpackers and will have very similar packability and weight requirements – they just move faster! Their challenge is how to separate and attach their gear to the bike, rather than stash it all in one pack on their back. Securing gear to the bike is a big consideration, making our Stretch-Locs the highlight gift for your two-wheeled friends. They’re strong, versatile and easy-to-use—they’re so essential to a bikepacking kit that we even have a blog dedicated to them. We also cover them in Our Best Gear for Bikepacking if you want more info.


These water type pokemon can be found splashing around on kayaks, SUPS and boats exploring watery places such as rivers, ocean shores and waterfalls. These folks like to get wet while keeping their gear dry. Our extensive range of dry bags are trusted to do just that—allow adventurers to explore worry-free and avoid soggy gear at the end of a long day. Want to learn more about which dry bag to choose? Read this.

Now you’re equipped with an insight into your loved adventurer’s world, happy gifting!

Top Picks
Dry Bag Sling
Dry Bag Sling
Dry Bag Sling
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Camping Utensil & Peg Bag _ replacement _ tent stakes
Utensil & Peg Bag
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