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Embarking on a net-zero odyssey: Project Zero's epic journey of climate change advocacy

Embarking on a net-zero odyssey: Project Zero's epic journey of climate change advocacy

Amidst escalating climate challenges, an audacious expedition is underway, guided by a vision that reaches beyond the ordinary realm of adventure. Dr. Geoff Wilson and his son, Kitale, have embarked on an unparalleled odyssey called Project Zero. This transformative journey, spanning from the Southern Pole to the Northern Pole, goes beyond geographical extremes; it delves into the heart of climate change itself. With a mission to ignite awareness, inspire change, and leave a legacy of sustainability, Project Zero is a force for global transformation, where exploration becomes a powerful tool for change.

Geoff Wilson and Kitale Wilson in front of Nanook X, Southport, Queensland, August 13, 2023

Generational visionaries: father-son duo leading the expedition

Leading the pioneering Project Zero Net-Zero Expedition are the father-son duo, Dr. Geoff Wilson and Kitale Wilson. Dr. Geoff Wilson is a prominent name in polar exploration and adventure, boasting seven world records. Acknowledged with the prestigious "Lifetime of Adventure" award by the Australian Geographic Society and recognised among the "50 Trailblazers" by the Australian Museum, his commitment to pushing boundaries is evident. With a background as a veterinary surgeon, he brings a profound connection with the natural world to his ventures. Beside him is Kitale, his 22-year-old son, passionate about storytelling and climbing. Kitale's dedication to adventure is complemented by his filmmaking skills, allowing him to encapsulate the essence of their journeys and share their environmental message on a global scale. Together, they will document the true, untold stories about climate change aboard their specially adapted steel-hulled, carbon-neutral vessel Nanook X, powered by solar, hydro, and wind energy.

Nanook X setting sail, proudly sponsored by Sea to Summit

Unveiling the impact of climate change: a vision beyond exploration

Project Zero isn't just an expedition; it's a bold initiative to spotlight climate change's impacts through exploration and adventure. The mission encompasses two core objectives: to educate and inspire. At its core, it strives to make "carbon-neutral exploring" a daily reality. The project aims to offset the environmental footprint of each expedition and amplify the voices advocating for a more sustainable world. Dr. Geoff Wilson adds that the aim is "to educate Aussies and the world in a fun and informative way about the simple science of climate change and bring simple practical tips as to how to lead a reduced impact lifestyle. The mission is clear – work as a team to create awareness and instigate change to protect the planet for future generations." He further emphasises, "As outdoors people, we can no longer impact the very environment we seek to protect by our ins and outs. We must at least explore carbon neutral." Kitale, in his own words, adds, "As a young filmmaker and adventurer, I feel a pressing urgency to narrate this story effectively and bring forth positive news and innovative approaches to address the single biggest challenge of our generation: climate change."



Spanning seven distinct legs, the expedition unveils the world's most captivating landscapes, from the tumultuous Southern Ocean's might to the pristine Arctic Circle wilderness. Each leg brings unique challenges, showcasing their resilience and innovation. Traversing oceans, ice caps, and remote terrains, their journey amplifies a universal call to confront climate change head-on.
This expedition is set to redefine boundaries as it embarks on an array of pioneering endeavours. This includes being the first to traverse treacherous waters on a carbon-neutral sail from Australia to Patagonia, covering over 6,000 nautical miles and navigating through challenges such as icebergs and storms. Additionally, they aim to set a new speed record for the fastest crossing from the South Pole to the Antarctic continent edge, making a resounding statement about the potential of eco-friendly kite-power. Another remarkable milestone is to be the first explorers to reach both the Southern and Northern Pole of Inaccessibility Unsupported.

From Australia to the North Pole, highlights of the odyssey.


The inaugural leg commenced on August 13, 2023, as Nanook X set sail from the Gold Coast. This first stretch carries the crew through some of the world's roughest waters, pitting their resolve against the 'Roaring Forties' powerful gales. The route encompasses passages through Lord Howe Island, New Zealand, and eventually leads to Patagonia, South America. Amidst the Southern Ocean's formidable might, Geoff and Kitale will navigate the fine line between nature's fury and lurking icebergs threatening Nanook X. As they venture further south, their resilience will be tested against the relentless forces of nature, symbolizing the urgency of addressing climate change.

Jordy Pearson, Kitale Wilson, Geoff Wilson and Alistair Burton setting sail from Southport, Queensland, August 13, 2023


Throughout this monumental odyssey, you're invited to join them in real-time through webcams on the vessels or via social media projectzero_earth. As they journey forward, we'll also stay connected with Dr. Geoff Wilson and the crew to share their incredible experiences, the landscapes they traverse, the challenges they conquer, and their strategies for overcoming them.
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