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Ultra-Sil® - The Secret behind our lightweight but strong gear

Ultra-Sil® - The Secret behind our lightweight but strong gear

Ultra-Sil® is the fabric we reach for when we need super lightweight without sacrificing strength.

Our Ultra-Sil® storage products need to be lightweight but still able to carry heavy loads.

Why Choose an Ultra-Sil® Product?

Our Ultra-Sil dry bags, packs and other items are designed to be as light weight and packable as possible whilst still being strong enough to carry your gear without breaking.

So if you are looking for Ultra-lightweight gear which can handle even the roughest of trips - then go Ultra-Sil!

How does Ultra-Sil® Work?

Have you ever wondered how our Ultra-Sil® dry bags and packs can carry such heavy loads while being so light and packable?

The secret is twofold: it’s down to the construction and the amazing properties of Ultra-Sil fabric.


Ultra-Sil® Construction

The construction is simple but strong:

Handles or straps run through two seams and are bartacked in both (a bartack is a zigzag anchoring stitch), while other load-bearing seams are also bartacked.

Ultra-Sil® Fabric

It begins with featherweight 30 Denier Cordura yarn.

To give you an indication of how light this is, denier is a French measurement of 9000 meters of the yarn, which in this case would weigh a mere 30 grams.

These yarns are woven together incredibly tightly – the thread count is 240T (which means 240 threads in a square inch). In broad terms, the higher the thread count of a fabric, the greater the tensile strength and abrasion resistance (more threads spread/deflect the load). Then, the fabric is siliconised.

Silicone is a flexible, pliable medium which allows the individual fibres to stretch. In comparison, a polyurethane coating – the most commonly used waterproofing medium applied to fabrics – is harder and less elastic. The elasticity of the siliconisation means that those fibres can stretch sustain a much greater load before one of them breaks – which is how a tear begins.

Our Favourite Ultra-Sil Gear

Ultra-Sil® Dry Bag

The Ultra-Sil® Dry Bag is our lightest dry bag in the collection – great for fast and light adventures where every gram counts.

Designed for adventure, the waterproof, roll-top hypalon closure is secured with our Field Repair buckle for a reliable seal.




Ultra-Sil® Shopping Bag

Not only very practical and environmentally friendly, the Ultra-Sil® Shopping Bag is super compact and lightweight.

The tiny packed size fits easily onto your key ring, in a jacket pocket or a purse. It’s also amazingly strong and durable.


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