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Turn your camping trip into a glamping trip!

Turn your camping trip into a glamping trip!

Going lightweight doesn't have to mean sacrificing those home comforts. You can take some luxuries without weighing you down or needing an XXL pack or a van full of bulky gear!

In this blog we look at some of the best gear to make your camping trip feel like a glamping trip without the weight and bulk.

Aeros Down Pillow

Yes a rolled up T-Shirt will function as a pillow but will it really give you a comfortable sleep?

The Aeros Down Pillow is a lightweight and extremely comfortable option to complement your sleep system and help you sleep like a baby, wherever you are.

Technical fabrics borrowed from our Spark & Flame sleeping bags keep the weight down and the packed size almost impossibly small.

And, as you drift off to sleep, your pillow won’t be sliding off your mat, thanks to the Pillow Lock system which keeps your pillow right where it belongs.


Aeros Down Pillow (Regular)

Weight - 70g

Packed Size - 8 x 6.5 cm


Tek Towel

The Tek Towel is as close as you can get to your fluffy bath towel at home without the enormous bulk! With a luxuriously soft feel and super absorbency - the Tek towel is a great option for camping, the beach or watersports.

The microfiber fabric is quick drying and also features that cozy, terrycloth feel for added comfort.
With a handy snap-on hang loop, it's packaged in a convenient, zipped pouch for compact packing.


Tek Towel (Medium)

Weight - 285g

Packed Size -8 x 12 x 20cm



Ultra-Sil Day Pack

While you may not think of a day pack as a luxury - this handy pack can be a lifesaver on a long trip when you want to take the weight off your back!

Great for a day trip away from camp when you don't need a full pack.

The best thing about the Ultra-Sil Day Pack is its incredible strength-to-weight (and packed size) performance. This 20l pack can carry all you need for a day trip in comfort. 


Ultra-Sil Day Pack

Weight - 72g


Tanami Down Camping Comforter

The Tanami Queen sized comforter brings the comfort of home to your camp! The soft, durable fabrics and technical features make the queen-sized Tanami the perfect quilt for two.

With two models - one for warm and one for cold weather there is a Tanami for every camper. Both models have down filled chambers and a luxurious 20D soft-touch nylon inner to keep you warm and snug.


Tanami TM1

Weight - 815 g






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