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Our best gear for bikepacking adventures

Our best gear for bikepacking adventures

Trying to get all of your gear on your bike for a bikepacking trip can be the most frustrating game of Tetris ever.

Packing and repacking to make sure you have everything you need can be a tedious task. So gear that makes the cut has to be light and compact—and completely worth it.

While what will be deemed essential might vary from trip to trip, here are some of the items our team of bikepacking enthusiasts wouldn't leave behind.

Telos TR2 Bikepack Tent

We love bikepacking so much that we adapted our award winning Telos TR2 tent to make it perfect for bikepacking!

The Telos TR2 is a two-person, freestanding ultralight bikepacking tent with best-in-class space, climate control and versatility for the ultimate three-season camp experience

The Telos TR2 Bikepack has shorter pole sections and our innovative modular storage system allows you to split the load between your fellow campers, or pack each component separately for even weight distribution and to suit space limitation of your bike.

Ultra-Sil™ Event® Compression Dry Sack

This tough sack keeps your gear compressed and dry. The eVent fabric panel at the base is both waterproof and breathable—keeping everything nice and dry, even in the worst conditions. Simply stuff your bulky items like sleeping bags and clothes inside and roll all the air out through the eVent panel.

Clip the roll top closed and compress your gear down to a third of its original size with the evenly placed straps. These space-saving sacks add almost no extra weight (medium weighs just 90g), eliminates bulk and have minimal potential failure points, like plastic valves.

This is great for attaching to your handlebars. The bags compress width-ways so will fit most bikes.

eVac Dry Sack


Yep, bikepackers and eVent are a match made in heaven. The eVAC Dry Sack is a great choice for use in the seat pack. As good as compression sacks are at reducing bulk, sometimes you don’t want everything scrunched together so tightly.

the oval shape of this dry sack makes it a perfect fit for running inline and behind the seat. They remain narrow enough to stay out of the way while getting in or out of the saddle—and they don’t bump the back of your thighs while pedalling.

Big River™ Dry Bags

Perfect for high abrasion spots, like the forks or under the down tube, Big River™ Dry Bags are super durable and strong.

The ovalized shape keep things nice and tight and the durable lash points add extra security. The 3L or 5L sizes are perfect.


We've given you some great options for storage bags to rig on to your bike, but how do you make sure that they stay there, even when the terrain gets rough?


For a strong hold, simply wrap the super tough TPU strap around your dry bag and lock it in place with the easy-to-use non-slip buckle. Any excess strapping will lie flat against the loop, conveniently out of the way.

Ultra-Sil® Day Pack

Think taking a backpack on a bikepacking trip is an unnecessary luxury? How about one which only weighs 68g and packs down into a palm sized pouch?

Ultra-Sil® Day Pack is a luxury you can afford to take. It makes forays off the bike so much more convenient—acting as shopping bag, hiking pack or something to carry your wet clothes in.

X-Pot Kettle

If you struggle to fit a bulky pot or a kettle in your bikepacking set-up, then the X-Pot Kettle is the answer to your cuppa making prayers!

You can store both an X-Mug and an X-Brew coffee dripper so the bulk of your camp kitchen collapses down to just 4cm thick!

Ultra-Sil™ Dry Sacks & Lightweight Dry Sacks

Anything which you don't want to get wet is safe in an Ultra-Sil™ Dry Sack or Lightweight Dry Sack. Great for sticking in your frame back, they weigh next to nothing and keep things dry and dustproof.

Airlite Towels

These lightweight towels pack down so small, you will hardly notice them, but you will be glad that you packed them.

Take two on a long trip - a small for your feet and legs to dry off after a wet or muddy stretch and a large for washing or swimming!

Aeros™ Ultralight Pillow

After a long hard day of riding, a good night's sleep is important. So don't cut corners on your sleep system.

Yes, a rolled up t-shirt will do, but when you can take a pillow which only weighs 60g and packs down small why compromise a great night's sleep?

Spark SPII/ Flame FLII

The Spark II sleeping bag & Flame II (women's)—packs down to the size of a water bottle and, at 490g weighs less than a full one.

Being extra light, doesn't mean you are removing comfort, filled with premium down, the Spark and Flame are warm and comfortable. The roomy cut, is perfect for side sleepers - ensuring you can get comfortable anywhere!

Etherlight™ XT Insulated Sleeping Mat

Rounding off the sleep system is the Etherlight™ XT Insulated Sleeping Mat. This slice of luxury will keep you warm and comfortable at a campsite, off a track or pretty much anywhere.

Using the Airstream Pumpsack, it takes less than three breaths to fill it up to a cushy 4in in thickness. You can then fine-tune the pressure the multi-function valve, releasing air until you are at optimum comfort!

What are your bikepacking essentials? Let us know what else you would take on social media: Facebook/ Instagram.

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