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Brand new for 2024 – and already a Good Design Awards winner for its user-friendly functionality and craftsmanship – Sea to Summit’s Frontier Kitchen Collection prioritises light weight with exceptional useability and quality.

The Frontier Collection takes light, functional cookware and dinnerware into entirely new territory:

  • Beautifully engineered collapsible pots with full-function handles.
  • Heat-efficient rigid pots with ceramic non-stick finished.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight bowls and cups that collapse down to take up barely any space in your pack.

Functional details abound – from the ingenious patent pending LidKeep to the security of the patent pending Click-Safe Handle. Your inner outdoor gourmet is ready – it’s time to explore a new culinary Frontier.


Built to last without weighing you down, designed to be simple yet functional – Frontier cookware and dinnerware sets new benchmarks for the lightweight camp kitchen.


Sea to Summit light yet durable Frontier collection

Frontier cookware encompasses rigid Ultralight Pots and an Ultralight Pan built of hard-anodised aluminium with a durable ceramic non-stick coating, and an ingenious Collapsible Pot and Collapsible Kettle made of hard-anodised aluminium and food-grade silicone rubber. Each of the pots and the pan come with a Click-Safe handle engineered from stainless steel, while the kettle’s handles are strong-but-light glass-reinforced nylon 66.

Weigh your choices carefully – you will find that Frontier’s high-quality materials and intelligent design result in greater functionality and durability at a surprisingly lightweight.


The dimensions of the rigid Frontier Pots have been carefully chosen to allow pots and items of tableware from the Frontier and Passage ranges to nest inside them. With the lids secured (the Click-Safe handle clicks into place 180° from its in-use position), your camp kitchen is ready to be stowed in your pack: space-efficient and rattle-free.

Sea to Summit Frontier Passage camp kitchen set

For those looking for even greater packability, the range includes a collapsible pot, a collapsible 1.3L kettle and Frontier Bowls and Cups.

The Frontier UL Collapsible Pouring Pot has a large-radius curve between the base and the silicone rubber sidewalls, which harmonizes perfectly with the shape of a stirring spoon. The upper rim adds stability to the shape of the pot and provides a secure mounting point for the Click-Safe handle – it also features a pouring spout for safe, easy draining plus a LidKeep that lets you clip the lid to the rim while cooking.

Sea to Summit Frontier Collapsible Pouring Pot

The Frontier Kettle is perfect for tea or coffee – its built in spout and stable double handles make it easy to pour boiling water safely. The wide rim means that the kettle can be used as a cooking pot – ideal for meals for one - and the lid also features the innovative LidKeep.

The Frontier range takes the concept of Sea to Summit pioneered collapsible cookware and dinnerware to a new level. The Bowls and Cups are as ergonomically functional as they are light. Glass-reinforced nylon rims make them easy to hold, silicone rubber sidewalls have been engineered for perfect collapsibility, and the curve between the base and sidewalls of the bowls harmonises with Sea to Summit spoons and sporks. When you’re ready to stow them, they pack down to almost the thickness of your smartphone.



Hard-anodised aluminium was chosen for the Frontier Pots and Pan, and for the bases of the collapsible Pot and Kettle for two principal reasons. Firstly, it is strong and light, keeping the overall weight of the products to a minimum, Secondly, it transfers heat more efficiently than other metals such as titanium, avoiding the ‘hot spots’ which can result in food burned on to the base of a pot.

The inner surface of the rigid pots and pan features a durable ceramic non-stick coating, and the large-radius curve between the base and sidewalls allows you to more easily stir and simmer ingredients right up to the edges.

The lids have built-in strainer holes, sized perfectly to allow you to drain rice or grains, and the handle features a silicone rubber LidKeep, which allows you to clip the lid to the side of the pot in use (it’s like having a third hand while you are cooking).

All of the pots and pans have stainless steel Click-Safe handles, which provide a solid grip when you are holding the pot or pan and can be reversed to hold the lid and any nesting contents in place during transport.

Frontier pots, pans and the kettle can be used on backpacking stoves and camping stoves (although they are not compatible with induction stoves) – so they will elevate your camp kitchen experience everywhere from backpacking to paddle tours to car camping trips.

Backcountry baristas will want to add the Frontier Ultralight Collapsible Pour Over to their gear list. This little beauty is a flat-packing, simple to use coffee accessory that uses super fine stainless steel mesh to hold in coffee grounds, while the aromatic oils are filtered through to your favourite camping mug or wide-mouth bottle. The Frontier Pour Over eliminates the need for paper filters, creating a zero-waste experience for outdoor coffee lovers.

And with a variety of Frontier Cook Sets on offer, you can choose the combination of kitchenware that best suits your adventure. From our Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Set—perfect for two hungry explorers (who might only need a fork, spork or spoon to complete their camp kitchen)—to our 14-piece Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set that is prized as the ultimate camp kitchen for four people.


Preparing food, or even just a hot drink in the backcountry can be a profoundly satisfying experience - if you have the right cookware and tableware. A good meal can round off a perfect day in the outdoors or set you up for another day of adventures to come.

The Frontier range is the culmination of our years of experience in creating and refining the best possible light, packable cookware and dinnerware. Its purpose is simple: to elevate your camp kitchen experience.

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