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Free Flow Zips - the secret to our most versatile sleeping bags

Free Flow Zips - the secret to our most versatile sleeping bags

Introducing Free-Flow our zip design which puts your comfort and versatility at the fore-front.

With multiple zip configurations the Free-Flow system allows you to regulate temperature, use your sleeping bag as a quilt and even free your limbs, allowing you to move around camp in comfort and warmth.


Especially in the UK - we often focus on the coldest temperatures when choosing a sleeping bag, overlooking warm temperatures and the need for ventilation.

This results in having a one-trick-pony of a sleeping bag: good for one season, less good in a second and almost unusable in a third.

However the Free Flow zip system gives you versatility. The Free Flow system allows you to open your sleeping bag as needed to allow ventilation, right up to the point where a bag can be opened flat as a quilt.

You can keep the shoulder snaps closed, then open the side zippers to reach your arms out. This allows you to sit in your tent, enjoying coffee or reading, all while remaining snug in your sleeping bag. Additionally, by opening the footbox zipper, you can even 'wear' the sleeping bag, perhaps even for a quick trip outside.


Pick your sleeping bag featuring the Free-Flow Zip


The Ascent down mummy sleeping bag redefines the meaning of versatile. Complex construction with technical features and high-quality down means it's suited to a multitude of climates and adventures.

From long distance hikes to weekend getaways, the ultra lightweight 750+ RDS Certified goose down keeps you warm when it's cold outside, while the triple-zip Free-Flow Zip system ensures you stay cool and ventilated when the weather warms.



Spark PRO

The Spark Pro sleeping bag is the perfect option for lightweight adventures that puts comfort at the forefront.
With the ability to be adapted to a range of conditions, the Spark Pro is as lightweight as it is versatile and functional. The optimal warmth to weight ratio makes this bag as comfortable as it is compact and easily packable.



The Trek down sleeping bag brings the comfort of a tapered-rectangular mummy shape and the versatility of a dual-zip ventilation system to wherever your travels may take you.

The Free Flow Zip System comprises of a full-length side zip and secondary foot box zip allow you to increase ventilation or open the Trek completely flat like a duvet, and the quality down will keep you warm and snug on chilly nights.



The Basecamp down sleeping bag featuring 650+ FILL Power is a versatile and spacious option for vehicle-based adventures, whether this is staying on a campsite, in a camper van or overlanding. The Free Flow Zip System allows for multiple configurations and temperature regulation for comfort and freedom.

The Ultra Dry Down waterproof treatment and RDS-certified Duck Down makes the Basecamp sleeping bag a premium option for vehicle-based adventures.


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