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Family Camping Guide

Family Camping Guide

If you are reading this you like adventure, but it can be hard to carry on those adventures once kids come along.

Camping with kids can be hard, but also great fun and it is a great way to introduce the kids to the outdoors and inspire a lifetime of adventures. 

Take a look at our family camping guide for our top tips on taking the little ones along on adventures. 

Take the right gear

While you might had perfected you ultralight set up over the years - that might not be the best for a family trip. Comfort and space are essential for happy kids (and parents) so finding the right balance between comfort and practicality is essential.

Our new IKOS tent is perfect for family trips. It utilises the innovative Tension Ridge technology from our award winning ultra-light tents while being perfect for car supported family camping trips. 

Family Camping

Get the kids involved

Family camping trips are an adventure - so get the little ones to help out. While pitching a tent and getting camp organised can be a boring and repetitive, for a kid it can be an adventure.

Getting the kids to carry their own kit and pitch their tent, not only provides good life skills but helps kids understand and engage with the trip and what goes into it.


Keep your gear extra-organised so you don't have to spend time searching through your bags looking for clean clothes or that favourite teddy.

Hydraulic Packing Cubes are great for keeping you organised and you can use different sizes and colours to separate gear for each family member!

Safety First

Accidents happen, especially with adventurous little ones, so make sure you are prepared for anything which might happen. Having a well stocked First Aid Kit, knowing where it is and knowing how to use it's contents is essential.

If you're unsure what to take - have a look at our guide to packing a first aid kit.

Family Camping

The secret is food

We are all happy after a good feed - so the secret to bliss at camp is keeping the little ones fed. Pack plenty of snacks to top up the energy they are burning off and make tasty energy packed meals. 

We've developed some recipes with the amazing Fell Foodie which are perfect for cooking outdoors and are great for groups and families. Check them out at our Recipe Hub

 Have any other good tips? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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