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A Guide to Fastpacking

A Guide to Fastpacking

Have you tried Fastpacking? While some may say it is just a multi day trip but faster - Fastpacking is becoming more and more popular. So check out our blog where we take a closer look at Fastpacking!

What is fastpacking?

Combine backpacking, hiking and trail running and you get somewhere close to fastpacking! As the name suggests - fastpacking is all about getting where you are going fast while carrying your gear with you on the trail.

So think of fastpacking as a multi-day hike with the speed turned up or a long multi-day trail run while carrying your (lightweight) gear on your back.

Lightweight Adventures

If you know Sea to Summit you will know we love our gear to be lightweight and packable which is perfect for fastpacking adventures.

When moving fast over tough or technical terrain, you don't want to be weighed down by your gear.

Choosing the correct gear will make a world of difference to your fastpacking adventures meaning you can go for longer and move faster.


Where to sleep

Fastpacking is quite a broad discipline - so there are various sleep options. Purists will want to sleep in nature, carrying all of their sleep system and shelter, while some will opt for sleeping in B&Bs, hostels or mountain huts.

What do you need for Fastpacking?

The appeal of fastpacking is being un nature unburdened there are a few bits of essential kit to take .


While traditional hiking normally involves walking boots or shoes fastpackers tent to favour trail running shoes.

Trail Running shoes are lighter than boots, but still have the grip and support needed to deal with off-road terrain.


Layers are the key! You need to keep cool while running and warm when stopped or high on the hills - throw in the unpredictable British weather and you have a lot of variables to deal with.

Pack lightweight technical layers and remember to put them on when you stop!


If you are going for the ultimate wild adventure then you will need some sort of shelter to protect you from the elements.


Carrying an ultra-lightweight tent means you have all you need for a comfortable night's sleep on your back without weighing you down.

Our favourite gear for a fast packing adventure

Ultralight Tents

Our Alto and Telos tents are perfect for fastpacking as they are light and compact without sacrificing liveable space.

Innovative features like our fair-share system allow you to share the weight of the tent with your fellow fastpackers!

Lightweight Sleeping System

Sleep is important on a fastpacking adventure as you will need energy to go again the next day! There's no need to compromise when you can have comfort without sacrificing a tonne of weight!

So a sleeping bag with great warmth and packability without adding a tonne of weight is a must. Our Spark and Flame Sleeping bags are designed to keep you as warm as possible while minimising packed weight and size- great for keeping you warm without taking up all of the room in your pack.


When packing light you need to keep your gear organised - adding drybags helps you organise and keep your gear dry,

Our Ultra-Sil Dry Bags start at just 20g - so you can maximise your organisation without adding weight.

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