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Top 6 Almost Wild Camping Spots in the UK

Top 6 Almost Wild Camping Spots in the UK

Although wild camping is illegal in most areas outside of Scotland, there are a lot of incredible spots around the UK with campsites that allow you to get back to nature and offer an authentic, nearly-wild camping experience.

For those who want to experience the freedom of wild camping without the risk of breaking the law, we have listed some of our favourite almost-wild camping sites locations in the UK.

The Best Wild Campsites in the UK

The UK offers a multitude of breathtaking almost wild camping locations that allow you to temporarily live nomadically. The Sea to Summit team have handpicked locations across the country, with three nearly wild camping sites for each location.

The New Forest

A grassy forest featuring a field with horses and a small lake in the UK's New Forest National Park

The iconic New Forest National Park in southern England has become a must-see location for campers and outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to its idyllic scenery and local wildlife.

Despite it being a popular destination, there are still plenty of hidden spots and quiet campsites where you can escape the noise and feel like you’re truly lost as you wander the wilds of The New Forest.

Recommended campsites:

Lake District

A still lake surrounded by 4 mountains in the Lake District

If you’re looking for breathtaking views and long walks that will take you off the beaten path, the Lake District has plenty to offer. There are numerous almost wild campsites dotted throughout the area, offering secluded getaways where you can explore the natural landmarks and iconic peaks such as Scafell Pike.

Recommended campsites:


A view of the summit of Snowdonia with a lake below

Home to the largest mountain peak in Wales, Snowdonia has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK. The rolling hills, untouched lakes and rough, rocky terrain will make you feel as though you’re exploring undiscovered lands.

With a selection of secluded campsites to choose from, it’s a perfect place to search for adventure.

Recommended campsites:

Peak District

Rolling hills and a stone path in the Peak District

The Peak District is spread across four different counties and is one of the UK’s most popular national parks.

A favourite amongst climbers and hikers, the area is home to iconic landmarks such as Kinder Scout and Ladybower Reservoir. If you’re looking for a place to experience the adventure of almost wild camping and wander the UK’s great outdoors, it doesn’t get much better.

Recommended campsites:


An image of the Pembrokeshire coastline taken from on top of one of the hills

Situated on the south-west coast of Wales, Pembrokeshire has plenty of natural beauty to offer adventurers.

Explore the National Park and discover its open landscapes and stunning panoramic seascape views. This is one of the few places where you can experience seclusion and adventure so close to towns and villages.

Recommended campsites:

Antrim Coast

Arial view of cliffsides on the Antrim Coast

Trespassing laws stretch overseas to Northern Ireland, as it’s also illegal to wild camp on the Emereld Isles. But those looking for a more liberating camping escapade can experience an almost wild camping experience on the coast of County Antrim.

Home to the historical natural landmark, The Giant’s Causeway, impressive medieval castles and spectacular forest parks, the Antrim’s Coast offers an array of sightseeing locations as well as almost wild camping sites.

Explore Northern Ireland’s most famous coastline and camp among some of the nation’s most vivid scenery.

Recommended campsites:

Almost Wild Camping Top Tips

The most important top tip you should take on board when almost wild camping is to leave no trace. Leaving behind waste and disrupting a landscape can seriously damage an eco-system, so it’s important to be conscious of the environment and wildlife and avoid buildings, roads and natural structures. It’s important to be aware of noise pollution and where you set up camp too.

Unlike a well-equipped holiday park, a back to basics nearly wild campsite requires you to bring along more amenities to make your stay more comfortable. Read our wild camping equipment checklist blog to see what you need to bring with you on your adventures.

Wild Camping Laws in the UK

Almost wild camping allows you to avoid being in hot water when it comes to camping laws, but it’s important to be aware of wild camping laws when out exploring. You can find out more in our guide to wild camping in the UK.

Wild Camping in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

In general, it is illegal to wild camp in England, Wales and Northern Ireland without the landowner’s permission. This means that if you are found to be setting up a campsite, even for one night, you will be asked to leave and you could even face legal consequences.

One of the worst punishments for wild camping in the UK is that you could be charged with trespassing. In many cases, you may just be asked to move along, but you could be reported and fined if any damage has been caused to the land from littering or campfires.

Wild Camping in Scotland

Wild camping rules differ in Scotland, however, as you can pretty much set up camp anywhere, in line with their ‘right to roam’ laws which give people much more freedom to explore the country’s national parks and mountain ranges.

That being said, the Scottish government has laid out a set of wild camping guidelines that campers should follow to protect the local environment. The main points include removing your waste, removing all trace of your tent pitch and any open fires and following a specific lighting fires guide.

Preparing for your almost wild camping experience…

Whether you’re exploring the peaks of Snowdonia or searching for local wildlife in the New Forest, it’s important to have the right gear for your adventure.

Browse the Sea To Summit collection to browse our collection of premium camping gear including lightweight tents, sleeping bags and a wide range of camp kitchen essentials.

Don’t forget to tag #seatosummituk in your social media posts when you’re out exploring so we can share your experience and see how your camping trip went.

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